Carla can work with you to provide help in these areas:

  • 1) Bariatric nutrition including pre-surgery counselling and post-  surgery diet follow-up
  • 2) Weight management and support for emotional eating/food addiction
  • 3) Renal (Kidney) nutrition
  • 4) Diabetes Management
  • 5) Heart health including nutrition to manage hypertension and high cholesterol
  • 6) Irritable bowel syndrome
  • 7) Vegetarian / plant-based diets
  • 8) Choosing wisely at the grocery store (grocery store tours, label reading)
  • 9) Corporate/small business wellness programs

Call or email to arrange a 15-minute free introductory session to see how Carla can help you improve your relationship with food!

Secure videoconference ( on-line ) appointments are also available.

Prices and Coverage

Many extended health benefits plans cover services provided by a registered dietitian. Contact your plan provider or human resources department for more details. Student and group discounts are available:


Initial consultation

60 minutes


Follow-up session

45 minutes


Craving Change ™ workshop
please contact us for details
Grocery store tour
Kickstart package: 60-minute assessment plus
2 45-minute follow-ups, a grocery store tour,
email support

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