Our Services
Introductory Phone Consultation
  • Introductory phone call

    Embark on your journey to improved well-being with a complimentary introductory phone consultation.

  • Initial Assessment

    The one-hour initial assessment is a thorough examination of your current dietary habits and food choices.

  • Follow-up session

    The 45-minute follow-up appointment is an opportunity to check in on your progress since the last appointment. The session serves as an accountability checkpoint, celebration of your achievements

  • Weight management and support for emotional eating/food addiction

    Carla boasts a wealth of expertise in the realm of weight management

  • Nutrition for metabolic health

    Achieving and maintaining metabolic health is crucial, and Carla is here to assist you on this journey.

  • Nutrition for bariatric(Metabolic) surgery

    With extensive experience as the Dietitian Patient Navigator at the Island Health Bariatric Surgery program, Carla is well-versed in the critical role

  • Renal(kidney) nutrition

    Carla boasts a wealth of expertise in assisting those living with kidney disease.

  • Vegetarian/plant-based diet

    Considering a shift towards a plant-based diet? Whether it’s driven by health, lifestyle, or enhancing your current vegetarian choices,

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