Culinary tour of Québec City as a vegan/vegetarian

Our three-day tour of QC is zipping by. To our relief and surprise, it has not been difficult to find good vegetarian choices even in a place where restaurants heavily feature steak frites and it can be a challenge to find any entrée that doesn’t contain cheese or other animal protein. Baguette et Chocolat, just a short walk from our airBNB, on rue de la Fabrique, serves soy lattes, something I don’t take for granted since arriving in Québec. We took the ferry to Lévis for a sight of the old city from the water, and stopped at the Corsaire Pub on rue St Laurent. Surprisingly, along with a good beer selection, there was a vegetarian tapas plate featuring deep fried tofu, two kinds of hummous, baba ganouche, vegetarian pâté, raw vegetables and olives, eaten with toasted French bread.  For dinner, we went to the Buffet de l’Antiquaire, a diner where the food and style of service reminds me of eating out in the ’70’s; they had a vegetarian black bean burger served with very hot and fresh fries and homemade coleslaw. Dinner for our last evening here was at the Restaurant Maison Marocaine; if you want to eat well as a vegan, the tabbouleh and the couscous with vegetables will leave you very satisfied – we couldn’t finish our meals. After a walk around and a listen to live music, we were ready for dessert – mango and raspberry sorbet at one of the many gelato places on rue St Jean. Even for vegetarians and vegans, Québec can be a culinary delight, living up to its good-food reputation. Not to mention that I have walked 22,000 steps a day while here, so am meeting my healthy-living activity goal hands-down!